Beautiful art by Adam Neate: The Flock Series

We got blown away by the latest work of Adam Neate, an artist who started his career of by giving his art away for free, leaving it in the streets in London for anyone interested…

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When you see Neate’s most recent work, the 5 items called the Flock Series, you wished you were there back in the day he spread around over 5.000 paintings for free! And not because it will shurely be worth a lot of money these days, but because of the beauty of it!

He cites his influences as his wife, Waleska, New York graffiti artist, Daze, and Picasso. He is a pioneer of a radical new movement, which shows street art in conventional art galleries. His work has gained recognition from the National Gallery, the Tate, and the National Portrait Gallery.

Check out The Flock Series:

[nggallery id=3]

And what makes it even more beautiful is this video, to see how the work is alive and stands out!

(via: Wooster Collective)