Bananas As Art By Stephan Brusche

Stephan Brusche has the talent to turn a simple banana into a genuine work of art.

A knife, a ballpoint pen and some banana are all he needs. Today his banana-art is famous  all around the world.

Art With Bananas Stephan Brusche

The 37-year old artist Stephan Brusche from Rotterdam, Holland, started editing bananas just for fun. He put some pictures of his artwork on Instagram and caught the attention from people all over the world. So much, that Brusche is even thinking about changing his name from graphic designer into ‘banana artist’. And just when you think Brusche might have a thing for bananas; they aren’t the only fruit he uses. Apples and pears also have the good fortune of being tackled by him.


According to Brushe the perfect banana is a young, evenly yellow one. He doesn’t like them green. ‘If they start to show some spots, I usually can’t use them anymore’. Everything fits on his bananas: from Marilyn Monroe to The Beatles and from a cat up to a fishbone. The end result he puts on Instagram and then his work of art disappears, regrettably, into his tummy.


How did he come up with this idea? A few years ago Brusche wanted to put his first picture on Instagram. Just one problem:  the poor man didn’t have anything to photograph. The only thing on his desk was, yes, a banana. So there it shows: a healthy lifestyle has multiple benefits. With a ballpoint he began to draw a face on the banana.

It became his favorite fruit peel, as he says: ‘It really goes almost without saying’. Brusche dreams of an exposition in a museum with his banana-art. And that might be a tricky thing if you ask us, because bananas have the tendency to change color.


For now Brusche is busy with his own book, a compilation of his bananas. He wants to launch the book in April on ‘World Banana Day’. ‘That does not exist yet, but hereby I proclaim 15 April as World Banana Day’.

Banana art by Stephan Brusche

Want to see more banana art? Visit his Instagram