Awesome ‘The A team’ cover by Who vs Who


Feeling down on your random thursday at work? Let us brighten your mood! Upcoming band from Amsterdam Who vs Who took ‘The A Team’ by Ed Sheeran and injected it with a pure dosis of  awesomess, resulting in a catchy cover which will be sure to get you pumped!


With this cover , which was released last week, being a teaser of the cd they will be releasing, we’re pretty eager to hear what’s in the making!


The band consists of Ilah van der Haas, Maarten Stoelhorst, Sebastiaan Dutilh, Lucas Arnoldussen en Mathijs Tieken and , having won the ‘Gooise Goden’ competition, is currently working on the cd and upcoming tour! This probably isn’t the last we’ll hear of these guys! We’ve got some potential here!

The track is free to download from their facebook page here , be sure to check them out!