About DOYOUREADME?! a lifestyle blog

DOYOUREADME?! is a lifestyle blog on topics such as arts, music, tech, gadgets and much more.

So what is DOYOUREADME?! all about? Well, that is very easy to answer. We noticed that there is a lot of negative energy swirling the web. Always the nagging, talking trash and what not. And that is easy isn’t it..?

And that is exactly what we are not. We will try to make your day just a little better, by keeping you updated with the latest or oldest trends on arts, music, movies, tech and more.

DOYOUREADME?! (started as a Dutch blog called DoYouReadMe.nl) was founded as a lifestyle blog in 2008 by Matthijs Schippers -call me Matt- a young media professional from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Schippers also runs an online agency, DoYouReadMe?! and works as a freelance concept developer.

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