5 Young and authentic music artists

Authenticity. Being true to one’s own personality, spirit, character, despite pressures. When in music we see men and woman who slowly loose their authenticity, they stop being ‘real’. This might be because of the pressure of the music industry and huge expectations by us, the crowd. The beauty behind authenticity is the pureness of people. And what is more pure and authentic then some kind with a musical talent. Mostly because  they have not yet been revealed to the pressures adults face.

Because of the beauty of authenticity, people search for it everywhere. And with the internet and all, that became a lot easier. It’s one of the reasons nowadays kids can make their first million before they’re 18. But is this a good thing? YouTube is flooded with kids who mostly get there hearts broken by rude comments. And those who succeed, well, they are bound to loose there authenticity anyhow, because they are no longer, yep, the cute little kid on YouTube!

The five girls we’ve picked as our authentic music artist are all young. They’re different but have beautiful voices. In my eyes they all fit the criteria when we look at ‘authentic’. They all sing beautiful when live. And their music and text control is incredibly well. Let the following videos amaze you and then just forget them for a few years so they can enjoy what is left of their few years of childhood.

Jasmine van den Bogaerde, known as Birdy. This sixteen year old girl from England won a talent show in 2008 but didn’t score any hits until she recently released her version of Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love”. Birdy is what we can call an authentic young music artist. Her voice has the ability to give you goosebumps all over your body.

Anna Verhoeven, this dutch 13-year old girl is proclaimed to be the dutch Birdy. Over 400 young girls submitted a song. She even met Birdy. The resemblance between the girls is enormous. She really deserves the ‘title’ of dutch Birdy. See for yourself.


Janet Devlin, this sixteen year old girl flew over from the depths of Ireland to be heard in the X Factor, the UK version. While she auditioned she was incredibly nervous. Living in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere was why she had a lot of time to spend on her own. She used her singing to escape from the loneliness. When she auditioned she had never sung in public before due to her lack of confidence. The season progressed and so did her voice, her confidence increased and that’s why I think you should hear her voice.

Kayla Stewart, a little girl with big dreams. She is only fifteen years old, but she frequently posts music videos on her youtube channel. Her voice sounds young but she sure has a lot of potential. She covers a lot of popular pop songs, the risky thing about this is that everybody knows the songs. But she does it so well. That’s why she is in my top five.

Last but not least there is Fabienne Bergmans, who was until recently unknown on dutch grounds. She auditioned in The Voice Kids, a talent show for kids under the age of 14. Fabienne is only twelve years old but she blows the judges away with her cover from Ed Sheeran’s ‘The A Team’.