Perfectly Timed Photos Tao Liu

10x Perfectly Timed Photos by Tao Liu

Street photography requires a talent for capturing unexpected details and moments that others might miss. The self-taught Chinese street photographer Tao Liu is blessed with such talent.

Tao Liu spends his days on the streets of China, where he captures surprising, unexpected and sometimes amusing moments. His timing is what makes his work stand out. And after seeing his photos, we’re sure this man is a trigger-happy individual.

Three years ago Liu bought a Fuijifilm X100 camera and started shooting during his lunch breaks. Everything he does, he learned it himself. To improve his skills, he watched tutorial videos and read books by other photographers. A passion was born.

Towards the end of 2014 his work went viral is his own country. Now it’s spreading all over the world, so check out his work. We made a selection of 10 perfectly timed photos and what we think is his best work.

1. Perfectly Timed Photos Tao Liu

2. Perfectly Timed Photos Tao Liu

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Tao Liu

Want to see more of his work, Check out Liu’s Facebookpage.