10 pictures of ingenious street art by Mentalgassi

The Mentalgassi crew transforms ordinary objects in big cities by literally giving them a face. Take a look at some of their best work.

Mentalgassi-urbanart-glasscontainer-1 Mentalgassi-urbanart-glasscontainer-2Throwing away your glass bottles becomes even more fun.


Mentalgassi-urbanart-boombox-bus-1 The Boombox Bus.


urbanart-remotecontrol-1 Let me get my remote and control you.




These beauties can be found in Rome, holding up a bridge.


Mentalgassi-lantern-backpack-1 Mentalgassi-lantern-backpack-feat

Backpack lantern poles in Sao Paulo.


lightsabor-AccidentalWarrior-1 lightsabor-AccidentalWarrior-2

I will destroy you with my awesome light sabre. And stop a bus at the same time…


Also check out this video they made on their giant head balloons this summer:

Mentalgassi, a trio of young Berlin street artists, are perhaps the happiest, most happy-go-lucky artists at work in Germany today. The three friends – who keep secret their real names for legal reasons – met at secondary school around the age of sixteen. Like many urban kids, they became graffiti writers, spraying images on walls, buildings, U-bahn stations and trains, until a brush with the police tempered their productivity – temporarily.

They became a huge hit because their work becan to spread around the internet from 2007 on. Now their work can be seen all over the world.

Want to see more? Check their blogspot website.