Pic of The Day: Gary’s Weather Stone

Sometimes life can be this easy. Check out the weather forecast of this place called Gary’s.

We could not find who or where Gary is at, so if you know, tell us we will reward you. We imagine it is some drafty steakhouse in the Highlands of Scotland…

(via @MeneerAnne)

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  • DoYouReadMe Daily

    Pic of The Day: Gary's Weather Stone

  • Mandy

    nice! gonna make this at my place to :)

  • Gijs


  • DoYouReadMe Daily

    Pic of the Day: Stone predicts weather

  • Amanda
    This is fucking repulsive.
    Mandy: Yay for you. Go make one, you idiot – or better yet maybe you should use your time trying to master the art of spelling extremely hard words such as “too”.

  • Jack

    Amanda: Nobody cares about your twitter account.