Creativity isn’t magic: everything is a remix

A lot of people like to believe that creativity is some kind of enlightened thinking, but if you look past what you believe, this is what you see…

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Not convinced yet? Well, you should really check this next video. It says it all…

  • Creativity isn't magic:

  • Lillian

    AMazing stuff. kill bill is still a good movie though…

  • marc

    love it! and @lillian i think that is exactly what this video is about..

  • sad… and I think kill bill sucks donkeyballs and the above video proves this even more.

  • marc

    hahaha, well i beg to differ, but i think the whole idea of the video is a fact: creativity is mainly based on remixing what already has been done.

  • RT @DYRMDaily: Creativity isn't magic: everything is a remix